Mission Pbg

We started Arkadia to…

Build a more inclusive and sustainable financial system fit for humanity’s future. We want to change the narratives surrounding developing markets from dependency and aid to investment – bridging cultural divides and fostering cross cultural respect and understanding. Together we are an immensely powerful tool for change and will build a happier, fairer, more advanced and prosperous planet.

The Financial System is broken.

The current system is unaccountable, unsustainable, inefficient and excludes those who need finance the most. Without considering the wider context of its impact on society and the planet the financial system will fuel issues like climate change, inequality and jeopardise peace. 

Together we can do better

By financially empowering SMEs in developing markets we can create impact where it is needed most. Financially viable projects will be able to thrive, wealth will be shared, investments will profit and local societies will prosper.

Committed & Driven

We can apply our skills, knowledge and energy to truly make a different in the world, and bring happiness & prosperity to all who chose to be a part of our vision. We want to be the change we know is possible.

Passionate & Hungry

We are passionate about what we do, and we’re hungry for change. We believe we have an answer to one of the major problems facing both sides of our customers, and we want nothing more than to give it to you. We have the resources, and we can help get that done. We want to see a rebalancing of fortunes, and a more equal, international society. Helping others and helping ourselves. Laying the foundations for a better tomorrow.

Open & Honest

We are open and transparent on why we do things, and how we get them done. We want to be honest and accepting if we make mistakes, and commit ourselves to learn from the lessons, embrace change, develop quickly and be open about how we do it. We want to engage with our community, and we want them to engage with us.

Ethical & Responsible

All we do, we do in an ethically-minded and socially-responsible way. We don’t just lend money, we want it to have a real, societal benefit to all involved. We want to be part of the solution – we are the key to individuals’ dreams and aspirations, and the enabler of change and prosperity on socially positive and life changing projects – both in developing nations, and at home.

Join our team!

We’re beginning our journey, and we’re looking for talented and driven individuals to help us achieve our ambitious vision.  What to be a part of it?  Then fill out this contact form and let’s arrange a chat or message one of our friendly cofounders on LinkedIn.